We optimize every day, every hour, every minute and second of your time

A correct distribution of the workload, individualized and adapted to the needs of each user, this is what allows solid improvements. At 360 Cycling, we have the exact formula to optimize the available time and to follow your progress towards your limit.

We combine personal experience at the highest level, academic training and passion to develop tailored training plans, customized to the millimeter, exclusive, offering a Premium service that is unique in the market. We will plan the training of resistance as well as the strength so that the improvement is sustained and constant towards your goals. During the time that you spend with us, we will train you as an athlete to make your experience with 360 cycling last for life.

We use the market-leading control platform TrainingPeaks, through which we monitor the evolution of each project and ensure that there are no deviations in the evolution.

The process will be as follows:

  1. Initial interview where we will assess your situation, objectives, level, sports history, current training level, availability, level of motivation, available technical means, injury history … to be able to design your personal training. 100% customized training.
  2. Initial performance evaluation. All of our on-site rates include an assessment of the initial performance in the laboratory, where we will see exactly what your level is at the beginning of the process.
  3. Assessment of the process and creation of the “road map” towards the objective, we will value the time necessary to achieve it and the steps to be taken.
  4. Creation of TrainingPeaks account. We will create your own TP account so that you have access to your training program from any mobile device or computer.
  5. Programming and feedback. We will schedule your trainings in TP so that you can see them and follow your evolution.
  6. Feedback and subsequent assessments. Your feedback is KEY to improve your performance; we will listen to it and adapt your next trainings depending on it. We will perform an evaluation at specific periods of time to monitor the evolution.

Training from 60€/month

Training + nutrition from 175€/month

Planning 12 weeks from €180



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