Adapting the machine to the man



The first step towards high performance in cycling is to adopt an adequate position on the bike. This position will allow us to get the most out of our body and, more importantly, it will preserve our health. This is the primary objective of any biomechanical study.


Each body is different, each cyclist is different, each one of us has different life-styles, needs, jobs and physical features that will affect our position on the bike. There is no unique position; the position on the bike serves different needs. For this reason, the biomechanical study at 360 Cycling is a unique experience where all these aspects are taken in consideration, needs are analyzed, and the position that best serves all of them is taken. This experience of knowledge of one’s own body and needs will be realized TOGETHER with the client and Patxi Vila, the alma mater of this vision.


The process will take around 3 hours and it is carried out following this sequence:


    1. Initial interview: We will ask you about your lifestyle, your cycling style, the time you spend on the bike, the years you have been riding a bike … to know exactly what your needs are.
    2. Relaxation: The biomechanical process requires your body to talk to us and to communicate things to us. For this reason, we need to start from a relaxed body which can communicate with us. We will start the biomechanical study with 10’ of relaxation.
    3. Physiological assessment: Once the body is in an optimal physical and psychological state, we will go on with a physiological assessment, where we will see exactly what your current physical characteristics are, your range of movement, bone structures … This is possibly the most delicate part of the process. A good physiological assessment will show us the right potential changes to be implemented.
    4. Zin Base line: We will take the exact measurements of the bicycle, just as you brought it to 360 Cycling, by means of the ZIN, our millimeter-accurate laser.
    5. Base Line Position: We will place our markers over you and we will make you pedal in your initial position in order to get your pedaling data, all of this with the market leading technology Retül Vantage NV. We will process this data together with the physiological assessment information and we will propose a battery of changes.
    6. Base Line changes: We will perform the set of changes and we will compare them in the Retül Vantage.
    7. Final Zin: Once the optimal position is determined, we will finally ZIN it.
    8. We will create a folder with all the process and you will be given both a hard copy and a soft copy.


At 360 Cycling, we have the market leading Retül biomechanical system and all the related services.


Our results are guaranteed by over 350 studies of all levels (Professionals, Amateur, Touring Cyclists, Hikers …) and disciplines (Road cycling, Triathlon / Time Trial, Mountain bike …)




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