Performance assessment

We measure your performance in order to trace your development

A correct assessment of sports performance is key to plan the physical preparation towards the objective and to control the evolution of this preparation.

Today, control of training is as important as training itself. Being able to do a reliable and well-interpreted “stress test” (as it has been called for decades) is the starting point to a well structured training plan. That is the reason why we take performance assessment very seriously at 360 Cycling, and, after the biomechanics, it is the second step we recommend in our center.

Measuring and being able to repeat measurements. That is our key principle when performing physiological assessments, having fixed points during the season that let us see your evolution during the training process in an accurate way, allowing us to see if what is done matches what is planned. In that case, we will feel reassured and follow the plan. On the contrary, we will be able to change what we believe is keeping us away from our goals.

The process of integral physiological assessment includes:

  1. Complete anthropometry: We will create your somatochart where we will measure your body composition, following the strictest protocols.
  2. Oxygen consumption: We will measure your maximum oxygen consumption through gas analyzer.
  3. Lactate building rate: We will measure the SLmax or the “speed and ability” to produce lactate, this will lead us to a better understanding of your physical characteristics.
  4. Gym strength: At the gym, we will evaluate the most important muscle groups in your activity, and then we will prescribe the protocol that adapts the most to your case.

We assess:

  • Cardiorespiratory resistance

  • Strength

  • Lactate building rate

  • Complete anthropometry

  • FMS (Functional Movement Screening)

Our equipments:

  • Gas analyzer (Laboratory evaluation)

  • Lactate analyzers (Laboratory and field evaluation)

  • Encoder for the measurement of strength (Evaluation at the gym)

  • Cycloergometer

  • Powermeters for field measurements

Physiological assessment from €125

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