Face your challenges in a clever way

On many occasions it happens that the cyclist, in our case, has a great talent and cannot advance as expected. On many occasions he has mental barriers that do not allow him to progress in his discipline. From 360 Cycling we want to help you achieve your goals. It is clear that by very good physical abilities you have and by an excellent state of form in which you are, if you do not train your thoughts, your emotions, your confidence, your ability to manage frustration and anger among other things … you will never arrive to be the best version of yourself.

Below are the different signs to keep in mind to think that you may need mental preparation:

  1. When you perform much better in training than in competitions.
  2. When you are free and relaxed in training and then in competition you are plagued by doubts or indecisions without knowing why.
  3. If you have many doubts about your sport before and during the competition: the cyclist in our case plays with confidence in the training and earns confidence, but when the crucial moment comes you have doubts about his ability.
  4. If you feel very anxious or scared when you are in competition.
  5. When you are not sure why you have chosen that sport or what motivates you.
  6. When the athlete relates his worth as a person to his skill practicing the sport.
  7. When you lose focus or have mental lapses during critical moments of the race.
  8. When, after an injury, he is physically recovered at 100%, but he can not achieve the performance at the level he had before the injury even though the doctors give him medical discharge.
  9. If you simply want to improve your mental attitude or your performance.




To achieve the following objectives:

  • Favor recovery after effort.
  • Learn to face events in a positive way.
  • Improve the quality of sleep.
  • Activate physically and physiologically before the effort.
  • Motivate yourself, fight fatigue and discouragement.
  • Develop body schema and improve self-awareness.
  • Stimulate the power of concentration.
  • Encourage understanding of others and team cohesion.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Reinforce self-confidence.
  • Adapt to the environment.
  • Encourage the development of the personality.

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