Vuelta a España; Stage 10. After the rest day individual time trial.

Saturday August 31st, 2019

One of the most important tests of the Spanish round 2019 arrives, an individual time trial long enough for a specialist to get a “good slice”. After a rest day preceded by a hard mountain block, a physical challenge of a
completely different nature arrives for the general runners, an individual time trial of about 40-45min of effort slightly above their FTP (functional power threshold) and with a position from the biomechanical point of view
completely different from the preceding days.

It is about performing 100% in a forced position to reduce the CDA (frontal area of friction with air) as much as possible without compromising performance (watts). Finding the balance between the most aerodynamic position and the highest performance on this bike is something that is not achieved in 3 months, it is an annual and even multiannual work where cyclists prepare for this type of event with a multitude of tests field, (on track
normally) and laboratory (biomechanical, metabolic fitting …) to achieve the ultimate goal that we should not forget is to BE FASTER.

Nowadays, thanks to the new technologies, applications and advances in the control of the effort, a broker analyzing his data thoroughly can know in 98% the time that he is going to make in said time trial, however surprising it may seem as long as “everything comes out all right”. It is here that the great directors take out the calculators and try to estimate with what advantage they can reach the CRI in order to get the leadership or defend it.
Riders like Primoz Roglic or Wilko Keldermann are big favorites to climb positions in the general, while Nairo Quintana and M. A. López are the “a priori” big injured.